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Widewalls  is on a mission to help galleries, auction houses, museums and art fairs to access and serve the market more efficiently. 

We provide art lovers and art collectors with one of the best places on the planet to discover and collect modern and contemporary art. 

With half a million monthly visitors, and hundreds of thousands of artworks, articles, auction results, artist profiles, and art-related events available to discover for free on our platform, we have already gone a long way. 

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Basquiat smoking by Roland Hagenberg

Courtesy of Galerie Benjamin Eck

Red Field V by Jeremy Annear

Courtesy Ideelart

Oxy, One Cent Life by James Rosenquist

Courtesy Woodward Gallery

Untitled by Arthur Dorval

Courtesy David Bloch

Pulp Fiction by Banksy

Courtesy Puccio Fine Art

Beads Thrill by Luke Newton

Courtesy Fabien Castanier

Widewalls offers an extensive artist database including valuable information on thousands of modern and contemporary artists. The database aims to be the premier resource for collectors and art enthusiasts. 

Widewalls' magazine provides year-round coverage on top exhibitions, festivals, events and art fairs across the globe, acting as a source of information and engaging content pertaining to the art world.

Widewalls online gallery features an array of artworks from famous and established, as well as emerging modern and contemporary artists. 

Widewalls collaborates with the best galleries worldwide to offer information on their location, programs and exhibitions.

Widewalls provides auction reports highlighting every sale and comparing it to the current state of the art market and to previous auctions in that auction house and others.  


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KG by Josef Albers

Courtesy of Robert Fontaine Gallery

Marilyn (II.29) by Andy Warhol

Courtesy of Puccio Fine Art

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